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Malibu Surf House was born from a meeting between two ocean enthusiasts, Omar and Marie.

It’s the desire to bring together, unite, and create a community of surfers from around the world.

To create a home that adapts to everyone’s travel desires: to share, exchange around a passion, and common values.

A family guesthouse between simplicity and authenticity.

A haven of peace to relax, recharge, and enjoy the Moroccan way of life.

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Malibu refers to "Humaliwo,"
which means "where the waves make noise."

Chumash language


Sharing our Moroccan daily life and our passion for surfing by prioritizing human connections.

Here, we slow down the pace, take our time, and ride the wave.

Providing you with a unique, authentic, and local experience.

Returning to the essence of travel and discovery.

Celebrating Moroccan culture and way of life where hospitality truly comes to life.



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Omar, co-fondateur

Originally from Agadir, Omar has turned his passion into his profession for over 15 years. His specialty? Longboarding. He enjoys sharing his love for the ocean, accompanying you to improve your surfing and longboarding skills! When he's not on the waves, he's the one deciding on the delicious dishes for each meal.

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Marie, co-fondatrice

It's been a decade-long encounter with Morocco! Passionate about craftsmanship and decoration, Marie has worked in the luxury industry for several years. It was in 2019 that the desire to combine surfing and Morocco led her to settle in the south of the country! Marie brings the positive energy of the house and will take care of you during your stay!

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